Keith Opington’s Poultry

Welcome to my website devoted to my Orpington poultry.

KeithsOrps is a specialist breeder of Orpington Poultry in both large fowl and bantam and aims to breed quality healthy birds that have been raised to the highest welfare standards possible. All the breeding stock are kept in spacious runs and are provided with high quality feed, clean dry bedding and above all the freedom to behave naturally. 

Keithsorps is home to many of the standard Orpington colours including

Buff, Blue, Black, Jubilee and Spangled.

But Keithsorps also keeps many of the non standard Orpington colours including

Gold Laced, Silver Laced, Splash and Delaware.

Our main passion though is to use the vast gene pool of Orpington colours available to create from scratch new colour combinations never seen before. Keithsorps breeding programmes have produced three stunning new colours

Chocolate Cuckoo

Chocolate Silver Laced

Isabel Lavender Laced 


Orpington bantams are a fabulous alternative to the large fowl if space is limited. Although having kept and bred many colours of Orpington bantam Keithsorps is now home to six colours.

Gold Laced

Silver Laced

Blue Silver Laced

Chocolate Silver Birchen

Chocolate Silver Laced

Lavender Silver Laced

It has been very exciting as this season Keithsorps two new colours in bantam Orpington have progressed greatly.

The Chocolate Silver Laced Orpington bantam

and the

Lavender Silver Laced Orpington bantam

are both stunning colours.