Blue Salmon Orpington Bantam


The Blue Salmon Orpington bantam was created here at KeithsOrps and after a long breeding programme was released for sale in 2010.

It's distinctive pastel shades add a beautiful addition to any flock.


powder blue buff trio



It has a powder Blue base colour extending through to the tail and highlighted throughout the neck plumage with silver edging to the feathers with the main body of the bird showing delicate Buff over tones.


bluesalmon5OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbluesalmon3bluesalmon6


splashsalmon cockerel


splashsalmon cockerel2


 Black x Blue = 50% Black / 50% Blue

Blue x Blue = 25% Black / 50% Blue / 25% Splash

Black x Splash = 100% Blue

Blue x Splash = 50% Blue / 50% Splash

It is believed that the more Black that is present in the genetic make up of an individual bird the darker the shade of Blue.

Being a Blue based bird it will only produce 50% Blue Salmon offspring from a pure Blue Salmon breeding pen.

The other 50% will be an even split of Black and Splash based birds but using different combinations of these three colours can determine the percentage of either Blue, Black or Splash based birds from future breeding groups.


The Blue gene is an incomplete dominant gene which means that if a bird has inherited one Blue gene from one of it's parents then it will be Blue but if it is pure for the Blue gene and has inherited two Blue genes ( one from each of it's parents ) then it will be Splash.

So Splash is actually the pure breeding form of Blue and therefore will breed true so Splash mated to Splash will always breed Splash






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