Chocolate Orpington Large Fowl

  Chocolate Large Fowl Orpington 1

The Chocolate Orpington is a very new addition to the range of colours available and has only become established from around 2010.

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It was first created in bantam and then the  journey from bantam to large fowl was  a slow process as the Chocolate gene is sex-linked dominant and the bantam gene is sex-linked as well.

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Chocolate Large Fowl Orpington 2

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The Chocolate Gene

Chocolate is a sex linked recessive gene.

So a cockerel needs two copies of the gene to be chocolate but the hen only needs one.

Chocolate x Chocolate = 100% Chocolate

Black split Chocolate cockeral x Black hen = 25% Black split cockerals/ 25% Black cockerals/ 25% Black hens/ 25% Chocolate hens

Chocolate cockeral x Black hen = 50% Black split cockerals / 50% Chocolate hens 

Black cockeral x Chocolate hen = 50% Black split cockerals/ 50% Black hens

Black split Chocolate cockeral x Chocolate hen =25% Black split Chocolate cockerals/ 25% Chocolate cockerals/ 25% Black hens/ 25% Chocolate hens

Chocolate Large Fowl Orpington 8

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