Lavender Cuckoo Orpington Large Fowl

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The Lavender Gene ( Pearl Grey )

Lavender is an autosomal  gene which means that as it is not sex linked it is inherited the same way on both male and female birds.

It is also recessive so both parents need to carry the Lavender gene for the young stock to visually show Lavender so a bird with only one Lavender gene will not show any Lavender colouring but can be used to breed Lavender.

Lavender breeds true so in its pure form Lavender mated to Lavender will always breed Lavender.

Lavender can also be used to create lots of new shades and colours as it is a diluting gene as long as the bird is carrying two doses of Lavender . All black colouring will become Lavender and any red pigment will dilute to a straw colour.

Lavender x Lavender = Lavender

Lavender x Black = 100% Black split Lavender

Black split Lavender x Black split Lavender = 25% Lavender/ 50% Black split Lavender/ 25% Black

Please note : I am not breeding Lavender Cuckoo Large Fowl Orpingtons during 2015

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