Red Cuckoo Orpington Large Fowl

llRed CuckooCock

llRed CuckooCock2


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Both the Cuckoo Orpington and the Red Orpington were not created by William Cook, the founder of the Orpington breed. The Cuckoo Orpington was created by William Cook’s daughter Elizabeth Jane Cook and was iintroduced in 1907 and the Red Orpington by Mr W. Holmes Hunt in 1911.

Over the years popularity of certain colours faded and it wasn’t untill recent years that both these colours have regained their place with the Orpington enthusiasts. But it has taken 100 years untill the appearance now of the Red Cuckoo Orpington Large Fowl which was created by Bob Follows.

Please note : I am not breeding Red Cuckoo Large Fowl Orpingtons during 2015

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