Coccidiosis is a protozoan parasite. An infected bird can produce millions of Eimeria eggs that are passed out in their droppings. These eggs then need warm damp conditions to develop. These are then picked up by other birds which then become infected . Coccidiosis mainly affects young birds between 3 to 8 weeks but can affect birds at any age. Hygiene in your growing pens is of the utmost importance as the heat created from the heat lamps and the dampness created from dirty litter is the ideal breeding ground for Coxy. Also if your growers are run out on grass pens make sure the grass is kept short as warm damp weather conditions and long grass are also a fatal combination. Birds with Coccidiosis show milky white droppings sometimes with blood in the droppings, are lethargic and uninterested in their surroundings, show slow growth and are thirsty. Often sudden death in the rearing pens at night.

Young chicks can either be vaccinated against Coccidiosis, fed chick and growers pellets containing coccidiostats to surpress the disease or treated should an outbreak occur.

If your chicks have not been vaccinated then many brands of both chick crumbs and growers pellets contain coccidiostats which is an anti-coccidiosis drug in the feed. I have found these to be helpful but not a definite way of preventing a Coccidiosis outbreak.

But if you suffer an outbreak of Coccidiosis there are several drugs on the market to treat the condition which are highly affective.

All stock produced in 2014 at KeithsOrps are vaccinated against Coccidiosis.